I agree with this in general and tend to be a social warrior, myself. (I am a veteran as well.) Been fighting the idea of men being able to show their emotions for decades.

I left the military and became a male nurse. Which I have remained for 23 years now. So I do not speak one game and play another.

While in the military, if any of my friends had emotionally vulnerable periods in their lives, they always knew they could talk to me and show that vulnerability. Break down in tears and not be judged, which they did not trust to happen with other men. Or women. Yet it was myself who wound up with a nervous breakdown because I felt so emotionally isolated. (Best thing that ever happened to me.)

I am sure your views often get ridiculed by some. Just as I’m sure my statement will get attacks. We have to see it for what it is.

Very glad this awareness is rising. One thing is certain. The answer is NOT suffering in silence and isolation.

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Issues unite, names divide

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