I am pretty far left Progressive. However, when Alex Jones was censored (no other word for it) I wrote a total of 5–6 articles in one week here on Medium, stating how bad this was.

The day after Jones was censored, over 800 other pages were taken down from social media. Most of them were Progressive pages, including antiwar, cop block, police the police, Venezuelanalysis, Ron Paul Liberty Report (who had a strong antiwar leaning), etc. Around the same time, Caity was blocked on Twitter.

There was very little discussion of the silencing of these voices.

When RT was forced to place a notice that they are funded by the Russian government, their reporters, who fiercely questioned the WH narrative openly, got banned from the WH press corps. Their channel was removed from a number of cable provider options. The neoliberal media cheered. I encountered troll upon troll who called RT Russian propaganda. Many still do. I consistently call them out and ask them to name one single story which is propaganda. Because they have never watched or read RT, they cannot. I ask if Lee Camp is Russian propaganda, as his show is on RT. As is Larry King, Chris Hedges, Jesse Ventura and a host of less regular Progressive voices.

I recall a time that libraries and many book stores banned certain books, including works by Mark Twain. Some books went out of print for a time, some permanently, though they were extremely popular.

Internet censorship is the digital equivalency of book burning. It progresses to ISP’s blocking access to any website not “authorized” by first their corporate owners and then by the government.

We already see the rise of laws banning protests against certain corporate interests. We have laws enabling the banning of BDS.

Where does anyone think this goes from here?

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Issues unite, names divide

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