I am right on board with you. Liberals are going to hate me for the next few years.

Times have changed. Those of us on the actual left will not allow you that peace. We will keep pushing every bit of this in your face. Aaron Mate and the Gray Zone, Max Blumenthal, Abby Martin, Matt Taibbi, Caitlyn Johnstone, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Kyle Kulinski, Ray McGovern, Joe Lauria, Elizabeth Vos and the rest at Consortium News, Dr Richard Wolff and myself. You can absolutely count on the fact that none of us are going away, none of us will be dragged to the right. Ever. I may have the smallest audience on the list but will always lend my voice, will continue the same fight in the absolute knowledge that this so-called peace is not peace but a delusion. One bombastic and crude name being displaced does nothing to change the battle or the war.


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