I could not agree more wholeheartedly.

I have been fighting the Russiagate narrative since the day it was very first mentioned. Warning people vehemently and LOUDLY how dangerous it was. Always attacked by neoliberals and Berniebots (who ARE neoliberals who refuse to admit it).

WTF good would universal healthcare do if we were all piles of radioactive ash? I’ve asked literally thousands of times. Simply attacked in response every single time. “But Trump”.

Is it too much to ask that MAYBE now we can focus on POLICIES? Universal healthcare, ending wars, raising wages, cutting military spending, true electoral reform including federally funded elections, paper trails, ranked choice voting, open primaries, open debates… Yes, I know it is too much. The neoliberal left has NOTHING except, “But Trump”. They will follow Pelosi and Schumer into mass graves before they wise up and take the rest of us happily with them.

Issues unite, names divide

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