I have absolutely NO doubt you are one of the Mueller worshipers who have groveled at his WMD-in-Iraq, approving intelligence on Uranium One feet for the past two years, knowing he would release a report condemning Trump for “collusion”.

Now what? You will crucify your saint?

Don’t worry. The Dems have announced 17 investigations into the Mueller investigation which investigated the FBI investigation. If those 17 investigations don’t go as planned they will have investigations into the investigations which investigated the investigation which investigated an investigation. And they they call that process “democracy”.

Then maybe you will be happy. Maybe not, when they all fail.

The end point is that at no point will they start engaging in governing. They will continue using it as a smokescreen for the fact that there is no “Resistance”. They are literally “The Assistance”. Pushing for more war, more bombs, more regime change, opposing peace, voting in favor of tax breaks for billionaires, approving Conservative judges to lifetime bench positions…

Just close your eyes and blame Russia.

Issues unite, names divide

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