I highlighted all the times you referred to “the party” to make a point.

You speak of the party agenda. What exactly is that agenda? Because that is the criticism leveled at the DNC. Their one and only agenda is loyalty to “the party.

You object to purity? You mean supporting a Progressive agenda? Like universal healthcare, increasing wages, ending wars?

You do seem opposed to ending wars, as well.

You speak of your friend supporting a moral cause. Yet nowhere in your piece do I see any opposing morality, only “the party”.

The problem here is that the Democratic Party has not been loyal to the voters. They are neoliberals, no different than Republicans wearing blue ties and dresses.

Who wrote those emails you refer to? Was the harm caused by the release of those emails or their content?

I have stated many times. All names are cults. Trump, Hillary, Bernie, RNC, DNC, etc. When you support the cult and not the people, you have sold your soul. One has to ask what your profit motive is. If there is no personal profit motive, no altruistic societal profit motive, you are left with one thing. Cult thinking. It is nothing more than a religion.

When the DNC can commit themselves to truly Progressive policies, they will regain the support of the left. Not before. They have to work for it. Instead, what do we have? Investigation after investigation with EIGHTY FIVE “investigations” planned. Those “investigations” take time, effort, energy and attention away from doing the job of governing. In other words, away from “resisting” in real terms. Meanwhile, American citizens are left holding the bag for the cost of paying for those “investigations”.

This kind of rhetoric is exactly why Trump did win. (I voted for Bernie in the primary and Jill in the general.) “Defeat Trump” was a losing strategy in 2016 and his approval ratings have increased since then. The DNC cannot ignore this fact and cannot convince the left or the right to believe otherwise. Yet we have already started seeing it is the exact same strategy we are going to see for the next two years. It was, is and will be a losing strategy.

As Jimmy Dore likes to say, “Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a Progressive.” That is a conscious choice.

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Issues unite, names divide

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