I really don’t have to read this beyond the title.

Hillary and Progressive do not belong in the same article. Same with WARren. Both are warmongers, both are corporatist and capitalist. They are also extremely divisive.

There is a true Progressive still in the race. A woman of color. Tulsi Gabbard. Who supports universal healthcare, increasing wages, ending regime change wars, breaking up big banks, who works for unity across party lines. She has been on the House Armed Services and the House Foreign Affairs Comittees for years and is a medic in the military. (Yes, a medic. She saves lives, so the argument that she is somehow killing people is erroneous. Throw that one out the window.) She has support from actual Left Progressives like myself while also having support from Libtertarian leaders Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, members of the Green Party, Independents and even many Republicans who are disappointed and disgusted by Trump.

Tulsi has met with foreign leaders whom we do not agree with for discussions. That’s called diplomacy. If you are against diplomacy to solve differences, then YOU are, in fact, a warmonger. Countries either try to achieve peace or they wind up at war.

If you think sanctions are peaceful, that is incorrect. Sanctions kill. They are considered acts of war by the UN Peace Council.

So, if you are TRULY a Progressive female, Tulsi is the one you should be supporting. BTW, Tulsi’s campaign is funded solely by small donors, as she refuses to take corporate donations.

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Issues unite, names divide

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