I think more stress should be placed on doing something about it.

As in, doing something about our elections. The claim being circulated now is that Russia WILL “interfere” in the midterms. So if they know it WILL happen, they know HOW it will happen. Which means it can be prevented. And if they prevent something from happening before it does, that would mean it is NOT classified.

Of course, at this point, what they will say is doing something would mean censorship. State-run media. We’re headed that way further on a daily basis. The attempt to shut down RT completely was a major event that few realize. The intent was far more expansive than making them declare themselves a foreign agent.

Doing something about it would include releasing information that may actually affect an election. More than ads for Bernie coloring books. Make the public aware. Secure the elections by paper trails at all levels. Tax funded elections, eliminate PACs completely. Meaning elected officials would not be prone to influence by money. Make lobbying a criminal offense.

Above all, the government claimed they had PROOF beginning in August 2016. Then released a “report” (sic) in January 2017. If they had PROOF, then why have there been three “investigations”? Why have NONE of those looked at the DNC servers, where all of this allegedly began? If they have PROOF, then why are they going after trolls and NOT filing charges against domestic elected officials who were involved and allegedly benefited from that “interference”?

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Issues unite, names divide

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