I was responding to your last comment.

China’s use of surveillance technology?!! Um. Edward Snowden? NSA surveillance? US spying on our allies? Remember the CIA listening in on Merkel’s phone calls?

Silencing ethic minorities? Lady, I currently live in AL. Polling places closed in poor, mostly minority communities. Voting regulations which make it nearly impossible for certain people to vote. Remember GA removing voting machines from service? Nazis and KKK marching openly in the streets? My coworker has neighbors in the KKK who meet in their robes in the front yard.

Remember DAPL? Ferguson? FB and Twitter censorship of Progressive groups? Our government claiming BLM was basically a creation of Russian trolls? Racial profiling? The imbalance in racial populations in our prisons? How a prison record affects your right to vote, get a job, get an education?

If you want to delve into China’s use of social scoring, we can discuss censorship. We can discuss credit scores and the power they have over your life.

False dichotomy my ass. The US has been living under fascism for many years. We just don’t recognize it as such. People are literally waiting for the fascist media to tell them they are living under fascism. If you think authoritarianism comes only from the government rather than the corporations who own the government, you’ve really drank the Koolaid. There are many definitions for exactly what fascism is but I’d call 1400 military bases globally, militarized police, bombing 7 countries, rigged elections, suppression of women’s rights, wealth inequality and censorship a strong indication.

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Issues unite, names divide

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