If Iran were going to invade other countries, why have they not done so since 1798?

Israel has attacked Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon. Not to mention the USS Liberty.

Now they want to start a war with Iran.

Notice Israel has NEVER been attacked by ISIS or Al Qaeda? Not once? You’re not suspicious of that at all? Fact is, they admitted openly to giving aid to Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile the US and Israel have given air support to terrorists. 70% of the weapons caches recovered from terrorists were US made.

WTF are you a doctor OF?!!! Because you seriously lack critical thinking skills or the ability to do research. I’m a nurse and MUCH better at this than you are!!!

Honestly, why are you on this page at all, except to troll?!!!!

Go back to MSDNC or Criminal Noise Network. You’ll find lots of like-minded indoctrinated people there.

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Issues unite, names divide

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