If what Barr said is inaccurate, then kindly explain why Mueller is silent. Remember Mueller spoke publicly about a Buzzfeed article which offered false information not long ago. Not like Mueller is dead. With most MSM sources reporting on the Barr memo as truthful, I tend to be confident Mueller would be saying something.

Maybe you should wait until the report is released to the public, which Barr made clear will be by mid-April, with no submission to the WH for executive review or redaction. The only things being redacted are relevant to ongoing investigations or national security.

Of course, if Barr released the entire report with no redaction and it compromised other investigations, you would then be screaming how he did that intentionally. The only result of this that is acceptable to you would be Mueller stating overt guilt.

Heaven forbid you focus on issues like universal healthcare, election reform, ending wars. You know, “resisting” through policies instead of propaganda. Things that literally affect all of us.

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Issues unite, names divide

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