If you read the bottom of the page you find:

“ This Article is a Work by the United States Federal Government.”

That tells you everything you need to know. At the very least, for once it is disclosed. That doesn’t happen often.

Who does our government function in favor of? The people? No, capitalists. WAR Street. Corporatists.

Millions of jobs over recent decades have been automated. Each and every self-check register you see eliminates 4–6 jobs. Multiply by maybe ten for each store that implements them times what? 50,000 stores nationally? Order kiosks at fast food places eliminate millions more jobs. Self-driving vehicles are set to eliminate millions of living wage jobs in the near future. ATM’s eliminate bank tellers. Online shopping. When was the last time you went to a print/copy shop? You can read the news and figure out proof readers no longer exist. Newspaper print setters? Telephone operators? Toll booth operators?

Universal (socialized) healthcare would create millions of jobs. Nurses, doctors, allied medicine, housekeeping, accounting, dietary, medical equipment, even medical waste handling. That creates consumers who spend money and pay local taxes, creating more jobs.

You article is nothing but promoting “sucking it up” and hoping that maybe someday something might “trickle down”.

Which is funny as hell, considering you are a government employee and get paid by my taxes. Unless you work for a private militia, you are an employee of a socialized system. We pay the military to protect our country from military threats. Not to propagandize for a corporate system.

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Issues unite, names divide

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