I’ll be honest, I did not read the article. From the title, it’s completely predictable.

Trump sucks, I agree. However, stop blaming him for what the media has brought on themselves. Propaganda just like this article are what makes people hate the media today. Our media pushes things like Russiagate without asking questions, demanding verifiable evidence. Corporate media IS propaganda. On both left and right.

The Obama administration conducted an all-out assault on journalists. Reference Julian Assange. He also used the term “fake news” and signed censorship into law in December 2016.

If you talk about other countries, let’s talk about how far back the attack on journalists in Saudi Arabia and Israel actually goes. SA holds public decapitations or openly imprison dissident journalists. Name any US administration that has spoken a single word on that subject. Have you? How many journalists have been killed in Mexico in the last 5 years?

Did you protest when Alex Jones was censored? How about AntiWar? Have anything to say about the hundreds of Progressives being censored?

When journalists become journalists again and represent the truth instead of biased opinion, maybe attacks will stop. Journalists have always been in danger. The brave ones accepted that fact, reported and fought back in pursuit of the truth.

You are no Assange.

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Issues unite, names divide

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