I’m not fond of the word “pragmatic”, primarily because of the name most prominently associated with it in recent history.

That said, I never promote violence. Though I am doubtful peace will hold. I can hope otherwise but know human nature too well.

Yes, we will continue seeing the rise of influence of the far right, in which I include “centrist” Democrats. As a result, the capitalist agenda will keep gaining ground until we decide otherwise as a people. What will that take? The complete and utter collapse of the capitalist system. Which is not far off.

BTW, I am a nurse and your description carries a lot of weight for me. I had to leave the more clinical side of nursing, such as it is. I could no longer tolerate the battle of politics and profit over patient care. It made me physically ill in ways I did not even realize at the time, seeing that I later learned I have an autoimmune disorder which gets much worse with stress. It’s not like the corporations don’t make a profit when they hire and pay staff, including agency staff. (I spent many years as an agency nurse.) It’s just that capitalism is an eating machine, devouring all in it’s path. It never stops eating and enough profit is never enough.

The next crash is not only not far off and imminent, it is mandatory for many people to finally wake up, stand up and do something. https://medium.com/@russellmeyers_35963/the-next-crash-is-mandatory-d820d2848f08

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Issues unite, names divide

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