I’m not for Bernie either. Not until he openly states that Russiagate has been a hoax from the very first day and then addresses election fraud by the DNC in the 2016 primary.

If we must accept the risk of war with a nuclear power for the sake of covering up fraud by the very party he chooses to run under the banner of again, it’s not worth it.

Bernie cannot oppose the continually expanding military budget while endorsing the alleged rationale for that expansion in spending.

Besides, I refuse to back anyone, anyone at all that endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Don’t start calling me names. I am a hard core Progressive. Check my Medium page and challenge that statement.

I’m still for the Green Party. Their actual platform includes public funding for elections, which eliminates corporate money from the start. It includes closing foreign military bases which we have no need of.

Think. Our military can have advanced forces anywhere in the world within hours, major forces within days. Why do we need 1400+ military bases globally? That’s at least 28 bases per US state. The land mass of 28 bases cumulatively exceeds the land mass of many states. Chances are if all were taken together, the 1400 bases may exceed the land mass of the continental US.

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Issues unite, names divide

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