I’m not hoping for much from the neoliberal media but at least they have awakened to this specific threat. Not that they GAF about our Constitutional rights. They still keep pushing for censorship.

I have been warning about the centrists screaming mindlessly, feverishly for censorship for some time. Wrote a series of articles regarding Alex Jones and others about Net Neutrality.

It doesn’t matter in the least if we agree with or believe certain media sources. Censorship has a bad habit of biting you in the ass. As it did the day after Jones when hundreds of Progressive pages were silenced. There was no mention by the war machine puppets in MSM of the fact that most of those pages were anti-war pages.

Yes, the neoliberal media is doing incrementally better by now defending Assange. Yet continue trying to push Russiagate and hence attempt to implicate him as some form of Russian troll. Their lying and duplicity will come back to them in ways they cannot imagine if he is even allowed to stand trial.

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Issues unite, names divide

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