I find it ironic that Americans celebrated Independence Day yesterday.

Most Americans are so dependent it’s nauseating.

Dependent on being told what to do think, feel by politicians, political parties, MSM. All of which are owned and run by corporations acting in the corporate interest and will crush you without a thought.

Dependent on religions that have no concern for the person, only the perpetuation of dogma.

The recent tariffs and sanctions illustrate how dependent we, as a country, are dependent on other countries for goods, raw materials and the influx of capital. Yet may hate the other countries for OUR dependency.

Dependent on WAR street, so much that many cheer for corporate profits while corporations eliminate or export jobs and suppress wages to maintain those profits. While children go hungry and millions yearly die from lack of medical care thanks to corporate profits.

Dependent on caffeine, nicotine (guilty of both of those myself), OTC medications, mood altering medications, opiates, alcohol and more.

Dependent on non-stop entertainment, also owned and produced by corporate interests with intentional subliminal or blatant political messaging built in.

Independence Day?

Kiss my ass.

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Issues unite, names divide

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