Interesting how to make a point (which you failed at) you feel the need to resort to insults.

Why do I have to explain to you that censorship is a major hallmark of fascism? Maybe because you wait for fascist corporate media to TELL you that you are living under fascism? How do people living under fascism come to that realization?

Marks of fascism: Censorship, supremacy of the military, increased corporate power, decreasing labor power, fraudulent elections, militarization of police, decreasing right to freedom of speech, widening income inequality, a government focusing continuously on internal and external “enemies” who must be “defeated” (and the enemies can change frequently and/or increase in number), rising nationalism, racial and sexual prejudice.. Those are only a few and we have had those conditions increasing rapidly over years. It did not begin with Trump but has gotten worse under him.

Now, think you can reply with something rational and not HAVE to use insults? Are you capable of doing that? If so, show me. Prove yourself. You have been challenged.

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Issues unite, names divide

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