Interesting how you conflate economic sanctions, use of force by the US and regime change with democracy. Because US support of democracy has worked so well in so many other countries. Can you name even one country in which the same tactics have resulted in anything but death and destruction? Just one?

You also neglect to mention that the majority of countries, including basically the entire UN, have refused to back any form of external military intervention in Venezuela. The UNSC voted against it. Colombia has refused to host US military forces for the purpose. The OAS does not back removal of Maduro by external forces.

Most of the population of Venezuela backs Maduro. Even those that do not oppose external interference in their government.

You cannot judge the economic performance of a government which has been under sanctions for years, since Obama imposed sanctions on the country. Lift the sanctions, allow the legally elected leader to perform under normal conditions and then judge his performance.

Other things you neglect to mention is that Venezuela has the lowest rate of homelessness in the western hemisphere.

That the election was monitored by observers from 40 countries and deemed valid.

That the opposing party dropped out of the election by choice.

That Guaido has announced the intention to sell off the nationalized oil industry to western oil companies. So, you back US oil companies but think Russia and China, who have already invested $billions by your own admission, should just walk away. Because that’s how capitalism works?

That he has not even mentioned the welfare of the general public in defined policies.

How many Venezuelans must die before you consider this democratic?

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Issues unite, names divide

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