Interesting since the first time I studied economics formally was in 1987. I come from a family with a long history in business management and have experience in management myself.

I have traveled and lived in other countries, seen other economics systems in practice.

You have studied one form of economics or have studied none at all. You said yourself you are an engineer. That does not lend any validity to economic knowledge.

In fact, engineers tend to be very antisocial by nature, seeing things in rigid terms. Your expressions already illustrate that. You are more concerned with numbers than humanity.

In contrast, I am a nurse. We see things in more complex ways which place humanity and ethics first. Because if people suffer, what good is money?

Society existed before money. There are still societies which have no currency. Money is a religion. It does not actually exist. It has no value unless we say it has value. If we all agreed it had no value today, money would be worthless tomorrow. So would capitalists.

Of course, capitalists are worthless to begin with. By their own choice. Capitalists literally believe in a system which means what they own has value. Thus, the capitalist actually has no value, only their possessions do. So they are useless to society, if they lose their money, they are useless to their own system.

You’ve made your choice. Go hug your money.

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Issues unite, names divide

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