“It’s kinda hard to engage in peace talks with countries that you are not at war with.

Yet she was able to bomb countries that were NO threat to us, assassinate the leader of Libya, leaving them in chaos with open slave markets in the streets, orchestrate a coup in Honduras leading to the conditions they now seek asylum from.

Yes, she visited numerous countries and collected money directly or to the Clinton Foundation from nearly every one. She also negotiated more arms sales than any human being in world history at the time.

Name ONE time she attempted to negotiate for peace or REDUCTION of armed conflict. Name another effort she pursued on foreign relations that did not include those things or fracking.

The real irony here is that you just proved my point. In no way did you name a single policy of hers you support/ed. I know her campaign policies still. I even ran the numbers on them. So I will challenge you. Name one policy of hers which you support. Two rules: 1- “I’m not Trump” is NOT a policy. Do not mention Trump at all. 2- It had to be HER policy, not stolen from someone else after beginning her campaign.

Ready? Go.

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Issues unite, names divide

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