I’ve been a nurse for 24 years. I don’t believe most Americans have any qualms with healthcare providers making profits. For the most part, we don’t object to pharmaceutical companies making profits.

The problem is in balance. Who is making profits and how much. How much those companies are willing to throw us all under the bus to make as high a profit as possible while denying claims, spending less and less on providing necessary care.

I wrote a 3 part series on why universal healthcare is the best system. We hear it all the time but usually it is not explained why this is true. I delve deeper into the details, such as where the money goes which has nothing to do with medical care. Advertising, agent commissions, executive pay and stock packages, stock dividends. The whole series is on my page but here is the first part: https://medium.com/@russellmeyers_35963/how-universal-healthcare-is-best-part-i-2a2be7824192

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Issues unite, names divide

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