I’ve been saying the exact same thing since 2016. From then to now, I have challenged Hillary (and now general DNC) supporters with one question- “Can you name one POLICY of hers/theirs you support?” Two rules. 1- “I’m not Trump” is NOT a policy. 2- It had to be hers, not stolen or bastardized and distorted along the way.

To date, I have never had one single response. I’ve probably issued that challenge over 1000 times. I am far more likely to be called a Trump supporter or a Russian bot. If not met with more blatant insults and profanity. Behavior as bad and sometimes worse than the earliest Trump supporters were accused of being. You know, because “Love trumps hate”. Right.

I am a raging Progressive. Given any form of choice, I will never vote against something/someone. I demand policies. Give me something to vote FOR. I see no real difference between DNC and RNC.

That said, who we vote for barely matters. It is not who wins today that matters. It is what we do tomorrow.

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Issues unite, names divide

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