I’ve been writing a series titled “The Programming of America” which addresses how we are propagandized and indoctrinated from birth via religion, school, media, advertising, government, politics and entertainment. It’s up to part six so far and I will be publishing part 7 in the near future.

I find it perfectly acceptable to place blame on both the propagandists and the propagandized. While the perpetrators are most to blame, those who reject the truth when it is clearly presented rationally, ethically and with hard evidence are just as much to blame for our current societal situation. The propagandized too often opt for cognitive dissonance, defending their literal addiction to hate, fear and anger. They refuse to take ownership and responsibility of their own actions or emotions. Most often, they try and recruit others into their delusions and will actively attack those who refuse to close our eyes.

In short, they seek to find blame. Blame fixes nothing. All names are cults, it is focusing on issues which will repair the future. Focus on names and people almost consistently are willing to ignore or even support any atrocities done in the sake of the chosen cult. We have no heroes. We are our own heroes. It’s time to act like it. The first step is looking in the mirror.

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Issues unite, names divide

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