Just Another “I Hate Trump” Meme

First, let me apologize for slowing down in my writing last couple of weeks. Really busy, lots of stuff happening behind the scenes. I’ll give a better update soon.

So, you posted another “I hate Trump” meme. Gee, you must be proud of yourself. Maybe it’s actually an article from some corporate media site. Basically a meme but more wordy. Feel better? Does that feed your emotional need?

Take that needle out of your arm. I’ve told you it’s an addiction.

Let me ask you a few questions about your meme.

What is the point?

What is the purpose?

What is the goal?

How is it any different from what you and many others have been doing since 2015?

Is it going to change any minds? Any votes? Any policies?

No? Then why are you doing it?

I know what I have to say offends a lot of people. To a degree, I admit I intend to offend those people for shock value. Simply because they may pay attention if they are offended. Trump is literal proof of this. Because these people only started paying attention when Trump started running for office. They call themselves “woke”. No, they are not. Are you? Or are you sitting there steaming in your anger at me for saying what I say? Because I am telling you that “I hate Trump” is not enough? Because I am trying to make you think? Because I know you can do better and HAVE to do better?

Yes, Trump sucks. I get that. However, people have hated every president that has ever been in office. Remember how people hated Obama? GWB? Clinton? George Sr? Reagan? Carter? Shall I continue?

Much as I hate Trump, I have to point out that his base supports him for a reason. Chief among these that he has acted in some way on every campaign promise he made. Many of these are horrid but he is the first president in decades to have actually tried to fulfill his promises without making excuses for making a lame attempt or passing the buck and then dropping every single promise. Did Obama use any Executive Orders to pass the public option? No. He basically said, “But the Republicans talked mean to me! Now pay the corporations, shut up and sit down.”

In some cases Trump tried acting on promises I supported. Like ending wars and making peace deals with opposing countries. What was the response from the neoliberals? They opposed any effort. Did they try and make any of those deals better? Or push for more aggression against other countries? You can say it is because Trump’s name is on the deals or that he stood to personally gain from them. Know what? That’s what Congress is for. In the cases where he has been militarily threatening, has he had any opposition? Any at all? From anywhere?

If you really want to beat Trump and make a positive change, it takes more than “hate Trump”. In fact, that is absolutely counterproductive. Think, if you support a candidate, does it convince you to change your mind if someone posts memes or articles attacking them every day? Or do you attack back, ignore them, block them? Does it change your resolve or strengthen it?

Russiagate has been proven for the farce it was. For anyone that was on the fence, that may have made them lean more toward Trump because they don’t trust the opposition. Not to mention many people think Trump is the least likely to start a war with Russia. For his base, that truly solidified their support. Yes, he withdrew from the INF treaty but that’s not overt aggression, where the opposition IS overtly aggressive toward Russia. Horrible decision but what has been the response from opposition “leaders”?

It is beyond time to stop with the hate memes and do something more productive. Do your research on other candidates. No more of this garbage of “they can’t win”. Look at policies. Stop looking for the biggest cults. Make a comparison. Do what I did in 2016 and create cheat sheets of all the major candidates and parties (including third parties) regarding the issues and policies. Don’t read anything into it that is not there. Assume nothing. Provide links to the policy pages. I am not sure when I can get around to these things and if you put out the effort, you will be more invested in it.

No matter what, if you are not doing good, you are probably doing harm. If you are not part of the solution, then YOU are the problem.

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Issues unite, names divide

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