Karma Has Different Ideas

Just a few days ago I posted an article and video to say I was going to accelerate production of material this week. Looks like karma had other ideas.

Since then, I’ve wound up working two nights I had thought I would be off. It was good I did so, with unpredicted events happening at work. My coworkers would have had some difficulties had I not been at work. Then a change to a doctor’s appointment took up far more time than it should have. Then a tropical storm took down electrical power and internet service.

Thats okay. At this point the election is only 1 day away. Until then and even for a short time afterward, I am doubting anything I produce will get much attention. Not even this piece you may be reading or listening to.

No matter the outcome of the election, all of us are going to have to become more focused on the road ahead. Leave all the division behind, stop pointing fingers and start offering hands in peace and assistance to one another. Understand that this year has been hard on everyone and 2021 will be in many ways worse if we continue on the same path.

The path ahead is what I will be focusing on and hope to recruit others in a growing peaceful army to accomplish what cannot be achieved through aggressive means.

As a people, we have to cease the mindset of conflict, contradiction, “winning”. Because no matter who “wins” these battles among our own, each and every one of us lose. We lose any security, any hope of progress, any cohesion.

I’ve pointed out before that division is a never-ending process. Look at any group that tries to distinguish themselves as separate from other groups and you see it clearly. Religions being a distinct example. Many religions believe in one God, so they are monotheistic. One would think they could agree and get along. Yet then they split between Muslims and Judaism, etc. Then they break down into different sects. Judaism into Jews and Christians. Following just one side we see Christians separate into Catholics and Protestants. Protestants separate into Baptists, Lutheran, Methodist and on and on. Baptists separate further into Southern Baptist, Freewill Baptists, Primitive Baptists and on and on, with 31 sects of Baptists recognized. Then if you attend a specific church you find further divisions among congregations, each subgroup believing themselves superior to the other.

Religion is just an example. All of humanity separates themselves into various divisions, oppositional camps interconnecting across the human spectrum of our existence. Race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, subculture, regional identity, geographic identity (east side versus west side), economic status.. The list of ways we divide ourselves never ends.

The thing to pay attention to with each division is- Who profits? Because in each and every division we experience, that division begins with one person and that person or another person profits from the division and propagates the division in an attempt to profit further. The profit may be monetary, emotional, material, whatever. It would be easy to stop it if others did not become convinced that the division should be broadened and perpetuated.

The ultimate truth is that with each division, we all lose something of our humanity. Worse than losing our humanity, we willingly surrender that humanity while inflicting that loss upon others. One major goal of division is the dehumanization of those outside these artificial categories to which we ascribe ourselves. At worst, these divisions result in needless violence. Murder, war, torture, genocide, hunger, poverty, complete extermination.

Yet even if one group manages to fully exterminate another group, that does not stop more divisions from forming and may actually encourage more violence against other groups in an attempt to eliminate all competition. Only to have more divisions still form within the original group of supposed allies.

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Issues unite, names divide

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