Kavanaugh Is Just Another Symptom

In the midst of the rage and drama of the sexual allegations, the partisan conflict over Kavanaugh, it seems most people on many sides have failed to ask one question- Why would anyone support him?

The controversy over Kavanaugh has merely served as another distraction, a diversion from policy and issues. It is another partisan circus.

Few, if any of those claiming to support Kavanaugh have bothered looking at his judicial record. Those on the right and alleged Progressives support him not because he represents any ethical considerations they endorse. They support him only because the centrist Democrats oppose him.

In truth, without the abuse accusations leveled against him, I have expected from the beginning that the DNC would turn this into theater and then confirm him because their corporate masters would demand it. That may yet happen.

When one looks at his judicial record, it becomes crystal clear that he supports corporate power over the rights of citizens. He has ruled in favor of corporations in roughly 90% of cases where citizens confronted corporate power.

Where that relates to the sexual allegations against him, his judicial rulings absolutely illustrate a mindset of elitism, the right of the privileged to subjugate those less powerful. This is the mindset of an abuser.

His entire tirade in front of the judiciary oversight committee was another illustration of that mindset. From raging to tears to avoiding questions by diversion, he showed himself to believe he is above questioning.

However, I am not going to target him specifically for this behavior. He is merely another symptom of the rank, defiled mental derangement which permeates our government. This is the result of centuries of the financial elite ruling this country. The belief in privilege has been handed down from generation to generation by financial privilege and political power.

The show put on by Kavanaugh was as disgusting or more so than that displayed by Strzok. Yet we have seen deleted emails, immunity deals, “classified” information, executive privilege, a war against whistle blowers, torture as policy, bankers destroy the economy with no consequence and indeed given massive bonuses, investigations that never view the alleged crime scene, investigations that disappear into thin air without a word.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle one is on, the same illness should be apparent for all to see. It is a plague eating our government, infecting the media and destroying this country. It has nothing to do with Russia or China or immigrants. Every bit of this disease flows from WAR Street.

In this particular case, we may be saved from an abusive corporate elitist judge being confirmed for SCOTUS. That is yet to be seen. It barely matters, as another Conservative nominee will follow him and if that one is not confirmed, another Conservative will again follow. However, the Democrats already confirmed 15 Conservatives to lifetime federal benches in a single week before Labor Day. Because.. “Resistance”.

We all have to awaken each other by discussing issues and policies. Break this partisan stranglehold which has no substance. It does not matter if policies that hand more power to corporations come from the right or the center. It does not matter if the person claiming to be above accountability is Democrat or Republican.

Stop thinking in cult mentalities. Start paying attention to the fact that they are all the same. The only thing that changes is the color of their tie or pantsuit. Listen to what they are not saying. Because all of the elitists are abusers and we are the victims. If you support the abusers, it is no different from Stockholm Syndrome.

Note: None of this is intended to say that his alleged sexual aggressions are not serious. Such actions are definitely serious. However, focusing on this opens the door to ignoring the judicial history involved. Sexual abuse and impropriety has proven quite common in our government and media. It is something we, as a society, must address over time. Part of addressing that means facing it head on and not rewarding or expecting aggressive behavior.

Issues unite, names divide

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