Korean Denuclearization Agreement!!

North and South Korea are on the path to peace!

At the historic meeting of the two countries on 4/27/18, the leaders of both countries came to the agreement of completely denuclearizing the entire Korean peninsula!

For South Korea, this means one thing. This means they will insist that the US remove nuclear weapons from the country.

That may or may not mean removal of all US forces. That will probably be determined by the behavior of the US government. With South Korea stating they wish for all nuclear weapons to be removed, if the US government objects or attempts to force them to keep those weapons in the country, there is the extreme likelihood that South Korea will eject US forces completely.

I do not expect the peaceful agreement to be reported positively by the MSM. I fully expect them to report in ways to say this is a ruse, that this makes NK even more frightening, that it is a move to invade SK. Never mind the fact that NK has not set one military foot outside their country in over 50 years. I expect them to call for even greater sanctions against NK and start attempting to invalidate SK President Moon.

Nor should anyone expect Trump to admit that this happened without his presence. He will try and take full credit for the agreement. Then announce more sanctions against NK.

What we may also expect will be CIA-instigated riots to begin happening in SK. False flag attacks implicating NK. You know, because South Koreans really do not want peace and security, they want nukes in their back yards and endless fear. North Korea would engage in peace talks and then take stupid actions immediately afterward, while US nukes and forces are still present on the peninsula.

We should not be the least bit surprised if there is a coup attempt against Moon to happen within days.

We should expect US forces to soon INCREASE their presence in the region. Within days, war games will likely resume at a level never before seen. If the US hasn’t used up all their bombs for the moment on civilians in other countries.

If this agreement moves forward as planned, that does not in any way mean the entire region will be denuclearized. The US will likely increase the number of nuclear weapons in surrounding countries and nuclear armed ships permanently positioned offshore from the two countries.

One of the biggest points here is that our government has no desire to see two countries agree to eliminate nuclear weapons as a threat. To make peace with each other. The only peace to ever be considered should come after increased tensions, more profits for military weapons contractors and then must end with complete surrender to the US Empire while forfeiting all resources in the process. That has been our pattern across the planet for many decades and will continue to be our pattern.

In this case, the Korean agreement will have the full backing and support of China and Russia. Politically, economically and militarily.

There is another risk the US government will take into account. Japan. The rationale for US military presence and weaponization in Japan has primarily been based on fear of North Korean aggression. Peaceful negotiations may settle those fears. Should the Korean alliance reach out to include Japan (without US involvement) in peaceful arrangements, Japan may also choose to denuclearize or at least drastically reduce armament. Should all countries in the region begin reaching trade deals with each other and oppose sanctions, it’s their neighborhood, not ours. I completely expect those efforts to be announced in the very near future, after NK and SK more fully establish their own arrangements. Or will Japan wait? Will Japan make the first move? How angry will that make the US hegemony?

There are big changes happening across the planet. Many countries are trying to attain peace and prosperity by displacing the US Empire. Russia and China. North Korea and South Korea. Syria and Iran. Who knows what Turkey is going to do? I do not expect us to have an actual answer on that one until Erdogan is gone from office.

Let us hope, let us support the move toward peaceful actions in all countries. Turn off MSM, which is nothing more than the advertising wing of the Military Industrial Complex, trying to convince you that you need their products. You don’t.

It’s time for handshakes, not arms deals.

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Issues unite, names divide

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