How many people actually think about the name of this holiday?

How many people think about the fact that workers are honored one day a year? Yet WE are indispensable.

Without US, our society would not function. NO society functions without labor.

WE are the ones who build, plant, grow, harvest, package, manufacture, process, serve, nurse, treat, teach, drive, lift, carry, deliver, program, write, cashier, cook, clean, design, repair.

WE are the ones who sweat, hurt, cry, hunger, suffer, do without, hope, dream, struggle, endure cold and heat, still keep going when we do not want to, still keep going when there seems no point but another day of just holding on.

Money doesn’t do it. WE do. Without US, the machines would stop, the money would be worthless. Money has no ability to do the things we do. People that have money cannot do it without us.

One day a year we get where our contributions are recognized. Yet look how many labor today. Look how it has been turned into just another shopping day. Look who is likely to have the day off. Because for the most part, it is not many of us. On “Labor Day”, many workers still work to provide for the profits of the few. On “Labor Day”, the ones most likely to be off from work are the ones who provide little, if any, labor. Today the bakers are baking, cooks cooking, cashiers running registers, nurses nursing, drivers driving.

Oh, we may get some “extra” pay or time off. Maybe. We may have an easier day than usual. Some will work even harder than usual. Those who have it easy will often make up for it tomorrow when the less productive people come back.

WE are undervalued, underpaid, overworked, treated like we are disposable, replaceable, dispensable, lower value, less deserving. The worst part of all of this? It’s that WE do it to ourselves, to each other. WE can do better.

Keep in mind that WE are powerful.

We are the source of all labor. All service. All production. Without US, nothing happens.

WE are consumers. Without US, nothing is bought or sold. WE are the source of all the wealth which is used to oppress us.

It is time for US to stand together. Stop being divided. Stop bowing to the whims of WAR Street. Stop listening to cults that keep us apart. Start following the money. Start talking to each other. Stop looking for an “other” to blame for our problems. Start seeking solutions.

Without US, then WE have nothing.

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Issues unite, names divide

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