Let me give you the definition of Socialism that I use so people understand it.

Any government program created and/or funded by Society for the benefit of Society is Socialist in nature.

Consider the names of the three major socioeconomic systems and their root words. Communism=communal/community. Socialism=social/society. Capitalism=capital/money/property.

Now, which of these three names have nothing at all to do with humanity?

The most effective, socially supportive/uplifting and also profitable (capitalistic) programs the government has are social support programs. Like SOCIAL Security. Where did you think that name came from, any way? It’s a Socialist concept. Medicare/Medicaid. Food stamps. Housing assistance. Public schools. Public roads. Fire depts. Public health depts. Public libraries.

Without these programs, our society would collapse and millions of jobs, including private sector jobs would simply cease to exist.

Yet Socialism does not stop there. There are also programs which are Socialist which maintain safety, security and health. OSHA, FDA, EPA, FDIC, EEOC, the very existence of a minimum wage, wage protection and overtime laws, ALL consumer protection laws, the Forestry Service, FEMA, NOAA, NASA, the entire military structure (Except contractors. Fact is, the military used to produce their own weaponry, generally with civil service employees.) and I know I am leaving many things out. The programs and jobs they maintain go much further when you drill down to the state and local levels.

All of this is the absolute best argument when faced with the “America will never be Socialist” argument. Because we have been a Social Democracy for many decades. Without Socialist programs this would be a low level third world country. Anyone that says otherwise is delusional.

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Issues unite, names divide

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