Let’s Be Realistic About Sanders

I am really hoping this will be the last time I write about Sanders at all.

He has suspended his campaign. His supporters still have some delusion that there is hope he can attain the nomination because he is still on the ballot in remaining primary states. Sanders himself admitted the truth- that it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to gain the nomination at this point. Even before the last two primaries, he would have had to reach 70% of EVERY remaining primary state to achieve the nomination by a slim margin. To attain the nomination at this point, he would have to achieve 100% of the remaining states and even then I am not sure it could happen. With odds like that, I am not bothering with the math this time.

Sanders is now claiming he is going to collect delegates and force Biden to the left at the convention. First of all, this is coming from the same person who said they were going to challenge the 2016 convention. Do you remember him challenging the convention? No? That’s because it didn’t happen.

No matter what the case, what the situation at this point, what does he intend to do with his delegates? Do you recall how he promised to push Hillary to the left so she would support universal healthcare? Do you recall that happening? No? That’s because it didn’t happen.

You recall the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), which Sanders endorsed? That’s the agreement passed in the majority of blue states which states that all delegates will change their electoral vote to the winner of the national vote. In other words, your vote for a third party candidate does not matter and will be ignored unless that third party candidate wins the national popular vote. Of course, that applies to the general election, not the primary or convention.

Sanders lost the race to Biden with the help of none other than Sanders himself. His supporters claim he has not extended his endorsement to Biden as yet. Are they seriously that deaf? “Joe is my friend. He can beat Trump.” These were words spoken by Sanders before the primaries were completed, before the final few states in which he campaigned. I have posted on multiple occasions how Sanders made statements on video and with press releases claiming that “Russia” (sic) had “helped” or “interfered” in his campaign both in 2016 and in the 2020 race, while never once offering any specifics on the matter. He just repeated the actual Russiagate propaganda which had been used against him, yet directed it at himself. In doing so, he destroyed the trust of those mindless puppets who believe the “Russia” allegations and are fearful of Facebook ads. Even more, he destroyed the trust of those who did not believe any of it and wanted him to stand up against it. I had warned that he never would oppose the Russiagate propaganda.

In the most recent pandemic bailout, he has hailed the bailout. Many Progressive outlets have finally called him out for supporting what is a corporate giveaway while gaslighting his supporters too blind to pay attention. Too bad those other sources were not paying more attention earlier.

When Trump announced free care for pandemic patients last week, Sanders said he would not pursue expanding that care to become Medicare For All at this time. He changed his statement this week, obviously after enough criticism from his supporters and maybe even his right wing advisers that he lost all credibility by not pursuing that agenda immediately, when it is needed more than at any time in US history. By not pursuing it, he revealed that it was never truly about you. He just wanted the policy passed under his name and it would be a devastating black eye to have it passed under the current administration. Never mind that millions could suffer and die in the interim between now and November. Never mind that it would never come to be under Biden, IF Biden were to beat Trump by some miracle.

Several Progressive media outlets have also finally called Sanders out on the fact that he has not stricken a blow against Biden or the DNC elite a single time since before the 2016 convention. Krystal Ball pointed out that this was the softest primary in history.

What we can expect to see at the convention is Sanders fawning over Biden, covering for Biden’s obvious neurological decay, corporatism and warmongering. He will not mention the sexual assault allegations which appear completely credible which are being raised against Biden. Sanders will not mention any of that in any sense at all. Instead, he will continue pushing, “Anyone but Trump”. He will then make a show of gifting his delegates over to Biden, as though they are possessions which he has any right or deed to.

It is time to face the fact that Sanders has relegated himself to the status of a toothless nonentity continuing his role as a sheep dog for the DNC and an obstructionist to true Progressives with the spine to stand up to the DNC elite and whom Sanders never stood up for while they were oppressed in the primaries.

If we truly want Progressive change in this country, now is the time to fight for that change. Which means turning your back on the DNC completely and supporting third party Progressives with everything you’ve got. It means we have to fight for Progressive policies and accept no defeat, no excuses. It means changing your mindset from cultist worshiper to one willing to hold every elected official’s feet to the fire on every issue without exception. No more “lesser of x evils” because the lesser evil is still evil. By not acknowledging this, we are just as evil.

Look in the mirror and repeat that. When we accept evil, we become evil.

Again, I hope this can be my very last post regarding Sanders at all. It is time to move on, move forward and focus on things that really have a chance of resulting in actual change. Name worship was NEVER going to do that. Never.

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Issues unite, names divide

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