Let’s Make 2020 The Year Of Waging Peace

Please note that I was working on this piece before the assassination of an Iranian general and violation of Iraqi sovereignty ever occurred.

If you want to make New Years resolutions, make at least one that counts far beyond yourself.

Personally, I am already a strong antiwar activist. However, this year I am going to go fully on the offensive and be pushing the concept of being against war more than ever.

I genuinely find many Fauxgressives to be warmongers by default. In fact, they are capitalists interested only in their own profit motive. Why? Because if your antiwar stance focuses solely on how much is spent on warfare, you don’t really care about war. You care about how much you are spending on it.

Yes, I have written a number of articles which detail how warfare costs far more than the alleged profits derived from it. How the “defense” budget is false to begin with and does not include many expenses which should be included in the calculations if we want a true picture of “defense” spending. CIA, NSA, ICE, FBI and VA funding should ALL be included when discussing “defense” spending. When all of those are combined, we spend more on defense than every other nation on earth combined.

Yet even that is not enough. You have probably seen the reports stating that the Pentagon was unable to account for $21 TRILLION in spending over 12 years. Those years do not even include the most recent 8 years.

What those reports do not make evident enough is the fact that this amount:

1- Is only the amount not accounted for. It is above and beyond the amount they did account for.

2- This amount far exceeds the Pentagon budget for that period of time by over 100% per year averaged out. Most of the years included in that audit, the Pentagon budget was less than $500 billion. To the current date, the official Pentagon budget has not reached $1 trillion per year.

3- This ONLY accounts for the Pentagon. It does not include any of the other agencies I mentioned above.

Even though I write about these costs, my point in including it in my writing is not because it is my focal concern. The point for me is an attempt to get even the capitalists to be turned against warfare with the full understanding that war is not profitable for anyone but the elite. The rest of us pay for war in many ways, including monetarily but far from limited to monetary expense.

My own concern against war is transparency and honesty. US involvement in every war since and including WWI has been based on deception. In the past, the public culpability was understandable and acceptable. However, today we have access to information which contradicts the official narrative pushed by the government and corporate media. There is NO excuse for accepting and endorsing the lies presented. By accepting those deceptions willingly, mindlessly without demanding that our government take steps other than bullets and bombs reveals you, yourself to be a fully conscious, soulless and apathetic warmonger.

My own concern against warfare is purely humanistic. It is also rational. War in and of itself is completely irrational. Every war in modern history can be traced back to capitalistic motivation of some kind.

When people claim to be antiwar yet their concern is merely the expense, they may as well state that they would support warfare is it were less expensive. Seems like they would be fine with murdering millions on the cheap. That’s not being against warfare, that’s self-centric greed.

Being concerned with US veterans is not against warfare. That’s nationalism. As a veteran, I do not believe veterans are any more worthy of respect, honor, security or medical care than anyone else in this country. If you think they are, you are indoctrinated.

None of the concern for cost of warfare or veterans indicates the slightest concern for innocent civilians being starved, tortured, shot, bombed, burned with white phosphorous (a chemical weapon) to the bone and murdered. It indicates no concern for refugees by the millions forced from their homes and lands, denied sanctuary by other countries, dying by the thousands by exhaustion, disease, dehydration, illness and drowning while fleeing the conditions created by US forces and proxy terrorist groups. It shows no awareness of the mined or poisoned lands and waters, sometimes with depleted uranium which will remain in the environment for generations, causing cancer and birth defects.

When you are completely willing to back any official or candidate for office that speaks of increasing military spending, YOU are guilty. When you endorse anyone who speaks of reducing spending but has NO policies or specific plans for ending the conflicts themselves, YOU are guilty. When you do not DEMAND diplomatic discussion with countries that allegedly oppose us or that have different political systems than we have, YOU are guilty. When you do not demand peace talks with other nations, YOU are guilty.

Your attitude about Iran should not be an exception. It should be the rule. Either you are against war or you are for it. Admit who you are and what you are. Admit your guilt, admit you hatred, bloodlust, sadism and apathy. Or rise up and stand against the war machine NOW. That means ALL wars against ALL countries.

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Issues unite, names divide

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