Making Changes To Page And Channel

It may seem like I have not been producing much content over the past few weeks. Actually, I have been rather busy.

For the most part, I have been graduating over to a mostly video or podcast model on YouTube. This came about because of changes at my nursing job which have left it more difficult most nights to maintain focus and write comprehensively. Even when I have written, I have noted composure errors which I am not fond of.

The result was that it became easier to compose notes and do some research while at work. Still doing a lot in the background on Medium but then make a video or podcast when I get home, which takes less time in that context. I do have a better speech to text engine which is more accurate than before, so closed captioning has improved.

I did run into issues..and issues..and issues.. Had problems with the video, so went to podcast model on YT for the moment. I will be working on rebuilding another computer this week which is more powerful than the one I’ve been working on. If that solves the problem, will be back to video soon. Not that I’m much to look at. lol.

Then had a problem with my old web host. In the process, they completely erased my website, including backup. I have a new host but must go through the process of rebuilding the site from the ground up, which I am also in the process of. Only a tentative beginning of a page taking form at the moment. Still the same web address but most of what’s there is the example page from the template at the moment.

Sadly, if you had signed up for the mailing list, that was also erased by the old web host. So if you’re interested, you’ll have to sign up again, which I hope you will.

The crux of the matter is that they claimed my all-text-blog site was using up too many resources on the server. WTF?! That would not be happening unless the traffic to the page was a lot busier than I had believed. I did not track traffic, so was not aware. So, they wanted me to go from a plan which cost $60 a year to one that cost $30 a month, an increase of 600%. Since I am doing little more than breaking even on content production financially, I could not see my way clear to allow myself to be blackmailed in such a way.

Then someone else said something. It is very possible they did not like my anti-capitalist messaging and so deliberately targeted my site. That actually sounds more plausible than the high traffic theory. In any case, they lost a customer. Bad capitalists. Oh, well!

I will begin posting my videos and podcasts here this week. Just have not had enough time for all of it lately. May be a while before I can be doing both writing and videos, so if you enjoy my content, it helps me most of you use the Medium link to access the videos. I appreciate it.

In some cases, I may post both the text and video versions of some pieces. Typically the video has more in it than the written version, since I make additional comments and add more information. The written version is also mostly a written outline for the video.

For the website, I will not be attempting to restore everything I had posted. It’s just not possible. Instead, I will post some of the still-relevant pieces which I had put the most effort into from the past and links to latest videos. Then move forward from there.

I am planning on coordinating efforts with a few other Progressive content producers and activists on specific projects in the near future. Unfortunately those efforts will remain limited because of time and money. I’m sure everyone can understand those issues. Trust me when I say I work really hard between nursing and content production.

Hope everyone is still on board with me here. Sorry for the laxity on this page lately.

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Issues unite, names divide

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