Too many people in this country defend the profits of the rich. They claim it would not be right to limit their profits. Really?

This is an indication that they truly have no concept of numbers. Just what it really means to be a billionaire and how far removed billionaires are from real life.

So here it is in real terms.

$1 million is noted as $1,000,000.

Hence, if you make $50,000 a year you would have to work 20 years to make $1 million.

By contrast, $1 billion is noted as $1,000,000,000. Because $1 billion is $1 million times one thousand.

Hence, if you make $50,000 a year then you would have to work 20,000 years to make $1 billion. This is not a typo. You would have to work twenty thousand years to make $1 billion.

Jeff Bezos has $150 billion. So, if you make $50,000 a year, to make the same amount of money that he has at this moment, you would have to work 3,000,000 years. Yes, that is three million years.

I feel pretty secure in my statement that he could part with some of his wealth and not feel any pain.

Just as I feel secure in stating that he is not creating any jobs. I’m serious. He does not create a single job at all. Neither does Walmart. Because retail jobs existed before Amazon or Walmart. Production, warehousing and shipping jobs existed before these companies and would continue to exist if these companies (or those like them) did not exist at all. Because people have to eat, have to buy clothes, household goods, etc.

These companies diverted jobs to their own companies. They drove much of their competition out of business.

They did not innovate or create online shopping. It was already there. Online payment systems were developed and perfected by the porn industry. In other words, porn has actually created more jobs than Amazon and Walmart combined.

Recently, Amazon made announcements to build headquarters in NY and VA. However, those locations are not creating new jobs. They merely displace jobs that are being moved from WA state. Net job creation? Zero. If you want more of the controversy surrounding that, it’s all over. It’s a tragedy, not a triumph.

It is an illusion to claim that rich people create jobs. This is the story shoved down your throat by corporate media. Who pays for advertising on corporate media? Take a wild guess. C’mon, give it a try. Before these mega-corporations came along, we had small and local businesses that served our needs. There were chains but they were not nearly as large. Grocery, clothing, furniture, lighting, auto parts and many other stores. They employed more people and had more owners. They were part of our communities. If we lost, they lost. If we won, they won.

Was there corruption? Of course there was. Where there is business and politics you will find corruption. Yet it was easier to expose and fight against. They did not have entire buildings full of the highest paid lawyers in the country to fight their battles and pay off all the politicians in our communities and states.

Back then we had choices, options. Local businesses carried products made by local producers. Carried produce from local farms, meat from local ranches and milk from local dairies. Now if local producers exist they are basically forced to contract with major corporations or cease to exist. Those contracts are written entirely by the corporations. While much of what we buy comes from other countries.

I admit, prices have come down in total dollars over the years. However, when compared to wages, prices have increased dramatically. That’s because these corporations have the power to limit wage growth on much larger scales. If we protested a local business and shopped the their competition, they felt it. Now there is little competition.

The scale of the issue has changed. The scale of wealth, the scale of legal power, the scale of production, the scale of corruption.

We once had a Justice Department that broke up companies that were too large. Some of us remember the breakup of the Bells. The browser wars. None of that happens now. Because the scales have tipped against we, the people.

It’s time for that balance to shift back. It’s time for us to shift it back. It’s time to stop defending the rich and recognize the scale of the problem.

Nobody is too big to fail. Nobody.

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Issues unite, names divide

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