“ Maybe Facebook could have foreseen Russia exploiting our society’s existing racism and misogyny if people with backgrounds in African-American studies or gender studies were part of the moderation team.”

It is shameful to see a man of color making statements like this. Russia did no such thing. You make it seem as though there was no racism, no inequality in the justice system, no killing of minorities in the streets before 2016. If Russia brought attention to such things, why the hell would a black man oppose Russia, unless you are nothing but an Establishment puppet? Just doing as you’re told?

One of the claims of the DNC and the Hillary campaign is that Black Lives Matter was/is a Russian troll creation.

You dishonor and attempt to invalidate the movements of your own race seeking equality and justice.

Do you realize that FB has been attacking and removing more Progressive pages than right wing pages? Police the Police? Removed. Cop Block? Removed. Anti-war pages? Silenced, including AntiWar and Ron Paul Institute. Why does that matter to you? Take a look at recruitment numbers according to race. Then look at how many come back with PTSD and/or physical disabilities.

It’s obvious you are just jumping on the anti-Russia bandwagon. You have not once actually read any of the “misinformation (allegedly) spread by Russian trolls.” Like Bernie coloring books.

Honestly, it sounds to me like you’re trying to drum up business for paid moderators. You think FB is going to pay people? They’ve made an absolute point of using algorithms to eliminate paid human moderators. That is their business model. That, along with stringing you along to support the Establishment narrative which divides us.

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Issues unite, names divide

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