Maybe you also need to learn what the relationship between Hong Kong and China are as well.

Protests? How about the protests against US intervention in Venezuela? The protests against Trump in England?

Not to mention the Yellow vest protests in France.

The world is rising up against tyranny. Especially US tyranny, which has existed for generations. You’re blind to it because the media doesn’t tell you about it. You still have some idea that we’re “the good guys” while we bomb 7 countries, hold active sanctions against over 20 countries and threaten sanctions against over 80 countries. Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. Nobody in Venezuela has died in Venezuela from hunger but they HAVE died because of US sanctions of medications and medical supplies. People have died in North Korea because of lack of heat thanks to US sanctions on their purchase of oil.

Like I said, you’re a puppet. You are a willing puppet. WTF are you? A CIA troll? You’re not even good at that.

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Issues unite, names divide

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