I heard a report today that 1100 schools in the US have banned military recruiters from recruiting teenagers at those schools.

You can save the “patriotic” BS for someone else. I’m a veteran.

As a veteran, I support these schools entirely. The military should not be trying to recruit impressionable and under-developed minds to fight wars for corporate profit.

As an absolute rule, the military should be forced to be honest in their recruiting efforts. Just call it truth in advertising. The tobacco industry is forced to pay for anti-tobacco ads and place warnings on their products. So, why is the military allowed to directly engage in false advertising?

If the military were honest in their advertising and recruitment efforts, the number of people signing up for service would plummet. Public support for our massive military budget that exceeds the rest of the planet would be virtually nonexistent. Aside from warmongers who are clinically imbalanced.

Honest advertising for the military would include images and videos of what happens when our bombs land and when bullets hit their marks. It would show what happens to a human body when struck with a round from a Vulcan machine gun. Did you know that a Vulcan is actually considered a rotary cannon that fires 6000 rounds per minute? That each round is 20 mm across? That 20 mm is 3/4 of an inch?

Honest advertising for our military would show victims starving to death or dying of dehydration because we destroyed their access to food and clean water. It would include images of cancer victims and children born with crippling deformities thanks to our use of depleted uranium and Agent Orange. It would illustrate children burned to the bone and blinded by our White Phosphorous. It would divulge the fact that Agent Orange, depleted uranium and White Phosphorous are all chemical weapons.

Honest advertising for our military would admit the fact that if the exact same chemical weapons, starvation and dehydration methods were used by our enemies or against our military, they would be portrayed as absolute monsters. In fact, they have been for far less. Consider only months ago when there were allegations of chlorine gas in Syria. The OPCW found trace amounts of chlorine in rubble. Trace amounts that can come from destroyed PVC piping or cleaning products. Which do you think does more damage? Cleaning products or radioactive dirty bombs and chemicals that burn to the bone and cannot be extinguished?

Honesty would divulge the fact that depleted uranium is exactly what I stated. It is a dirty bomb. It spread radioactive waste over an area. The radioactivity poisons that area for decades, even generations.

Honest recruiting efforts would present all this information to any potential military applicant. It would not include giant flags and colored smoke from jets flying over football stadiums. It would not be videos showing US troops saving children from imaginary enemies. It would not mention helping our communities when we send troops to the Mexican border while an entire state burns to the ground and hurricane victims suffer lack of transportation, food and clean water.

Honesty would show the fact that over 70% of Islamic terrorist weapons in the Middle East come from US military stores.

Honesty would show that some people in the desert with land-based weapons and no aircraft have never been a threat to the US. So they have never been fighting for “our freedom”. They fight for corporate profits. They guard Afghan poppy fields for the drug companies. They guard oil fields for oil companies. They guard mines to protect precious metals.

Honesty recruiting efforts would show a printed list of veterans who have committed suicide in the past year. Then a list of veterans who wound up in prison because of drug problems they developed fighting PTSD. It would include a trip to an inpatient psychiatric unit for veterans. Images of wounded vets who have lost limbs, become paralyzed, live in chronic pain which may never stop. It would specify how many veterans above the norm become divorced and lose their families. If they are too unstable, they may be banned from ever visiting their own children for the rest of their lives.

Honesty would point out the fact that if the military were truthful about all the above, enlistees would either walk away or be more prepared mentally and emotionally when they encountered these conditions. So the number of veterans suffering PTSD and/or committing suicide would be a fraction. Of course, the ones who still joined would be giving full emotional consent and agreement to commit atrocities.

So yes, as a veteran I support schools that ban recruiters. Stop the absolute crap of claiming how veterans fight for freedom. If recruiters are allowed on school campuses, then they should be forced to present facts or the school should allow other presentations which present these facts.

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Issues unite, names divide

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