I agree with Caitlin Johnstone and Politico.

Notice we have not heard much from Mueller for a while now? Most expectations are that he will be winding his “investigation” down soon. Maybe he will compel Trump to testify, maybe not. If that happens, it will definitely be with a previously agreed time limit and highly focused questions. Yet even that is questionable at this point.

Some people like to claim this probe has been successful. Yet none of the indictments, charges or convictions have had anything to do with Russian “collusion”. In fact, “collusion” was never actually defined and there are no laws against “collusion”.

From the very beginning, the Mueller probe has been an intentional distraction. Try and discuss policies and you continually met with a smokescreen of “Hate Trump” and “Russia, Russia, Russia”.

For over two years I have been driven mad by facing being called a Russian troll when I tried discussing things like universal healthcare, increasing wages, ending wars, decreasing military spending, increasing taxes on the 0.1% and corporations, BLM. Or election integrity such as ending CU and dark money, public funding for all elections, paper trails, open primaries, open debates, ending gerrymandering, fixing voter registration, poll access..

I get called a Trump supporter when I discuss the voter suppression in 2016 and in NY this year. Then, by extension, again called a Russian troll.

If I mention the DNC “Resistance” actually being “The Assistance” by such actions as confirming 15 Conservatives in one week to lifetime federal benches just before Labor Day, I am once again a Russian troll for talking about it.

For Mueller to close this probe with anything that implicates Trump in such a way as to connect him to Russia, it will take evidence. That evidence will have to be revealed publicly. Yes, I expect Mueller to make some vague statement of Russian influence in the election which will be neither quantified or detailed. Nor will it advise any form of changes to the electoral process to prevent future “interference”, as any claims of evidence will be conveniently classified.

Perhaps Mueller will announce a summons to interview Trump. He will announce it days before midterms, with the interview to occur after midterms are over.

I could be wrong. Mueller may go the route of Ken Starr and leave Russia as an afterthought and continue after Trump for unrelated matters like Stormy Daniels. Of course, that will simply continue the diversion even longer but change no minds at all. Just keep anyone from discussing issues and policies. Election integrity? What’s that?

For those that have “believed” Russiagate, that will make no difference in the slightest. Any more than increased tensions with nuclear powers, sanctions that harm our relations to allies or our country spending more money on “defense” than every other country on earth combined.

Caity mentions that our government is gradually trying to divert attention from Russia to China with accusations of hacking and election interference. With just as much evidence and just as much “rationale” as Russiagate has had. China has no need to hack or interfere in our elections. Like my recent article pointed out, they already have the upper hand on us economically and it required no hidden actions. Our government and WAR Street handed China those advantages willingly.

Yet I am still naive enough to hope. To hope that as Mueller winds down, more people will awaken from their stupor and start paying attention to what has been happening while they have been asleep. I hope but doubt it. It will take far more than that. That more is coming sooner than they realize. The fall of the dollar, extreme retraction of the stock market, near collapse of the job market and massive inflation are almost guaranteed.

When all that happens, don’t blame Russia.

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Issues unite, names divide

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