Almost a year ago I began a YouTube channel. Never got many subscribers or visibility yet.

Then I began writing on Steemit, then Medium. Got a little more attention and made a small amount of money. Less than a tank of gas for the Hyundai per month. However, I have not had money to spend on promotion.

Being a Progressive and Social Democrat source, I won’t be seeking backing from corporate sources. If nothing else, I would never want even the appearance of any view being dictated by backers or donors. Would I accept such backing now? Yes, I would but only with the right to complete editorial control and with full disclosure to readers.

I made a weak attempt at gaining funding through Patreon and GoFundMe when I started the YouTube channel. That had no results but that is largely understandable. I had little to no material to display and no public background for anyone to research. I had done some writing and moderating of Progressive groups during the 2016 campaign season. I did not seek any form of income from that writing at the time. Same rationale, not wanting anyone to claim my writing was influenced by donors. Before 2016, I had been a social activist since at least the time I began kindergarten but was very private.

I can no longer be so private. Progressive voices are needed in this day and time. Even many of the Progressive voices we hear tend to go in circles on the same subjects. I tend to think my own observations often go deeper into many subjects. I offer views which are not seen anywhere else. My writing attempts to focus on issues, not names of individuals or parties. Sometimes names are necessary because they are the most obvious face of an issue at that time. Even then I typically illustrate how the problem or issue extends beyond the one name.

As of this point, I have several hundred examples of what kind of writing and content I produce. So if I find backers or subscribers, they can have more confidence in what they are investing in.

My content has been limited by finances and time. Writing and especially video production can be very time consuming. Not just producing the material but various sources require different formatting. Videos require conversion, uploading and labeling. Then there is some time spent sharing that content. I would like to keep expanding my reach to more platforms but that takes even more time and resources. It is difficult to get interviews when you have a lack of visibility.

For higher quality content, better equipment would be needed than I can afford. I heard Jimmy Dore say it took $60,000 to get his show off the ground. I’m not even considering anything that extravagant at this time. Just a faster computer, better camera and microphone. I already have the software I need at this point.

So, I am making another attempt at gaining funding through various sources. At least enough to maintain production of material as at least a part time occupation.

For examples of my work, here are the sources I currently post material to:





I have also set up a GoFundMe page to get things off the ground. That one is here:

I should note that the original name on some sources was And Unity For All. I am in the process of changing it to Issues Unite, which is an abbreviation of my own motto, “Issues Unite, Names Divide”.

If you cannot afford any form of financial support, I sincerely understand! However, just reading, subscribing, following and sharing content helps expand visibility and promotes discussion of many subjects, perspectives, views and solutions which I promote.

To date, I have already seen a rise in discussions on subjects nobody was talking about when I first wrote about them. Things like tax funded elections and imposing a maximum income. (You can find those articles on the pages I’ve listed above.) I am hoping to expand awareness on such subjects as why universal healthcare is the best option for us, also posted in writing but not video. In that one, I go into far more detail than any source I have seen yet and had to make it a 3 part series.

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Issues unite, names divide

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