Nerve agent symptoms don’t fit

The claims of the victims of a nerve agent in Salisbury, UK fall flat for many reasons.

The UK has still not submitted samples of the claimed nerve agent to the OPCW, which is the standard procedure in the event of any chemical weapons attack, no matter how limited. There are many reasons to be questioning the narrative being presented but this is simply taking a look at the objective clinical evidence being propagated.

Primarily, the symptoms and accounts do not fit the scenario as it has been described. While they may have been poisoned, it was not with an actual chemical warfare nerve agent.

The effects of nerve agents are well known and taught to EVERY military member in basic training. Nerve agents affect the ENTIRE nervous system. Victims would not appear to “be asleep” as these victims were found. It is terrifying to even see a nerve agent victim after exposure.

The entire process of dying from nerve agent exposure is excruciatingly painful, no matter what your pain tolerance may be.

The time frame from exposure to death is as little as 2 minutes. This would definitely be true with Novichok if any claims are true about it. It is reported to be 100 times stronger than VX, which is the strongest nerve agent ever documented to have been mass produced. (There is no evidence that Novichok was ever mass produced.)

If a person were exposed to an actual nerve agent, this is what the list of symptoms would be, from head to toe:

Headache- excruciating

Profuse sweating, deep flushing, skin discoloration, lip cyanosis

Facial muscle distortion

Confusion, hallucinations, possible seizures (grand mal, tonic clonic)

Behavior becomes erratic, paranoid, animalistic, frantic

Hearing loss, tinnitus

Blurred vision, possibly blindness, uncontrolled blinking

Runny nose- severe, uncontrolled

Drooling- extreme

Slurred speech

Respiratory distress- coughing, wheezing, gasping

Abdominal distress, cramping, extreme pain, diarrhea, projectile vomiting

Loss of bladder control

General loss of coordination, muscle spasm, inability to control limbs, unable to walk.

So, as you can see, if the victims were exposed to an actual chemical warfare nerve agent, they would not calmly walk out of a restaurant, walk across a street and sit down on a bench. They would not be sitting up, appearing to be sleeping.

No source of administration has apparently been identified. Some speculate that it may have been in the daughter’s luggage. Which calls the timeline of exposure even more into question, as they would have been exposed before leaving home, driven to a pub and sat in the pub for over an hour.

The UK government is claiming they have found traces of this nerve agent in multiple places. If the claims are true of this nerve agent, it would be so potent that exposure to even minuscule amount would be fatal to many people. Less than one drop would be fatal. A truly targeted application would not leave traces over a wide area. There would be many collateral deaths and extreme illnesses involved. Anyone exposed who survived would likely suffer permanent neurological damage in some form. So it will be come more suspicious if any survivors make a “full recovery”.

So, merely the physical evidence and accounts we are being given make very little sense as they are told to us. When combined with the timing politically, they make even less sense.

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