The New Hampshire primary is over and Bernie Sanders reportedly won by a slim margin over Buttigieg.

This is good news, indicating that those who oppose the Establishment are taking a greater lead.

Bad news in that both walked away with an equal number of delegates, illustrating how rigged the party system is, which we all know quite well.

I’ll jump straight to Gabbard, who came in at number 7, with 3.2% of the vote. Everyone in between is purely Establishment neoliberal.

Yang dropped out. I am hoping this is good news for Gabbard and most of Yang’s voters will support her going forward. It seems most likely, as there appears to be a similar mindset between the followers of these two candidates.

From this point on, the field will narrow quickly. Most of the remaining candidates have primarily corporate financial backing. Corporations will only financially fund a candidate when they expect to win. When it becomes obvious that candidate will lose, corporate funding dries up quickly. When the money dries up, so does a corporate candidate.

By contrast, Tulsi’s campaign is fully funded by private small dollar donations. Her dedication to her campaign is not driven by money but her ability to continue could be.

As the candidate field narrows, this is where Tulsi has a much greater chance of overtaking the lead. It should be obvious that the supporters of candidates other than Sanders and Buttigieg want someone other than those two to win. I am expecting nearly every other candidate to announce the end of their campaigns within days.

Yes, I realize that I may be overly optimistic but not unrealistically so. The balance of an election can change dramatically very quickly. If nothing else was learned from 2016, that was something we all should recall.

So, I am truly hoping Tulsi will continue her campaign all the way up to the convention. I will continue supporting her every second of the way. Even if she does not win, the point is increasing awareness, getting the message out, making a difference. If nothing else, upsetting the balance to deny Buttigieg of votes.

Most of all, the point is expanding the narrative. I’ll keep saying she is the ONLY antiwar candidate in the race. That remains true. So, even if she does not win, her message will ring loudly in the general, no matter who gets the nomination. The standards of being against warfare and having actual POLICIES which enable ending conflicts will not be requested of other candidates, they will be DEMANDED, as they very much should be. The message of unity across party lines should be heeded because if the Democrats continue dividing the country, they will lose in November.

As the field narrows, the winning candidate will be forced to incorporate the messages of the major candidates who had actual messages or they will fail to retain the support of those voters. Something else that should be recalled from 2016.

Those of us who supported Sanders in the primary and other candidates in the general in 2016 have a full understanding that if 2016 is repeated again, this country will dissolve in ways most people cannot imagine. The DNC will cease to exist, as well it should in current form. This country cannot survive in any capacity with one corporate party LARPing as two parties.

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Issues unite, names divide

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