No, there will not be any job gains due to automation. It is a downhill slide every step of the way. Once a program is written, one programmer can control and repair any software issues remotely. Hardware jobs will be primarily low-tech, low wage jobs of installing and replacing parts. Confirming proper installation, updating, etc will be done remotely, often also automated.

Much of the remote work can be done from other countries like India.

Increased productivity does mean lower need for employees.

The only ones who will benefit are the rich, who have been consolidating their hold on corporate stocks, not even leaving the door open for smaller investors to profit in that way.

Seriously, haven’t we already been through this discussion regarding tech support for PC’s before? When was the last time you called tech support and got an English voice at the other end of the line? When was the last time you bought computer hardware made in America?

Yes, there will be massive social and economic upheaval.

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Issues unite, names divide

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