No, Things Are Not Getting Worse (Socially)

My gf, among many today, feels overwhelmed and believe that our society is getting worse. I beg to disagree ferociously.

This has been one of my major points in the Marketing of America series. That the media makes it an absolute point to promote the negative. To make you fearful, angry, anxious, depressed. Then advertise military contractors, antidepressant drugs, etc. Be sure to tune in tomorrow so we can tell you what else you should be angry and depressed about, who we need to invade/bomb/hate next.

However, that’s not even my point here. My point here is that our society has gotten considerably better on social issues over the last few decades. It continues to improve, especially with younger generations. They are the least racist, sexist, prejudicial, warmongering, most aware and supportive of Socialism in many forms in the history of this country.

Over decades, we have battled against prejudice. We’ve made tremendous progress which we would not have recognized 25 years ago. We have Muslim members of Congress, more females and openly gay members of Congress, state and local governments than ever. Though none of that means their policies are good as a general rule. Don’t vote for gender, sexual identity, religion, etc. Be informed of policies. We have openly gay military members, including transgender.

Look at the advances we have made against domestic violence.

We’ve had a black president. We have black television stations.

We have Russian television, local Asian radio and TV stations, Hispanic stations, social groups for Muslim-Americans, Russian-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Atheists and more. Gay pride parades, Black History Month, museums dedicated to the atrocity of slavery while we have movements to remove racist figures from public spaces.

We have rising awareness of the role of Russia in WWII while more awareness of the frauds the US government has instigated in starting wars dating back more than a century. We know Hawaii became a state because of US military occupation for capitalist interests.

We know the wars we are in now or trying to start which our government is trying to incite for the purpose of stealing resources from other countries. Not many people 25 years ago had any idea what the petrodollar was. Today, that system is failing and we can talk openly about it and be understood in many cases.

Our awareness has increased, social movements to enact change have happened rapidly in the last 25 years because of the internet. Even more rapidly since the rise of social media and independent media. While the corporate media still pushes fear and false narrative for the sake of profit, we have other sources asking the questions that need to be asked, revealing truths that need to be displayed.

The real problem we have is that for too many years we were blindfolded without realizing it. That blindfold has been ripped away. As a consequence, we have the powerful attempting to force the blindfold back on against our will. Some people want the blindfold back on so badly they shut their eyes forcefully and try to insist we do the same. For the rest of us, we are trying to adjust to the light and see clearly. That process can be painful. Some of us had that blindfold ripped away much earlier than most. We can lead the way but cannot force anyone to follow. Though like it or not, eventually we must all open our eyes to see the path ahead.

That path ahead is one we must walk together. We cannot allow for treachery. The powerful, failing to blind us again, will try and lead us along a far more dangerous path and divide us. We can allow for minor mistakes but be always careful to avoid intentional deception. Once a so-called “leader” has been shown deceptive, we need to never follow that person again.

I know it is uncomfortable, even highly distressing to see the ugly face of the monsters we live amongst. However, they have been here all along and with us every single day, hiding their faces. The one thing I can say is that it is much easier dealing with the monsters and monstrosities they represent when they are out in the open.

The main thing to grasp is that the monsters are the minority. We have seen multiple white supremacist rallies where opposition protesters have vastly outnumbered the literal Nazis on hand. Compare that to KKK marches of the 60’s.

As a majority of society, we now oppose the Clinton Crime Bill of 1996, welfare reform, trickle-down economics, for-profit prisons, police abuse, incarceration of non-violent drug offenders, sexual assault in all forms, corporate bribery of elected officials, wars for profit, price gouging by drug companies, the poisoning of the environment… In other words, we have awakened. Many of us. Sadly, some have not awakened yet but more are doing so daily.

I know, not quickly enough. Much as I would like, we can’t smack the rest of them on the head with a 2x4 to beat some sense into them. Long as they think they are in some way secure, they will not be remotely aware of the suffering around them. That’s why I recently wrote that the coming crash is something which absolutely must occur. To bring discomfort to the too-comfortable. It’s the only thing they will understand. Rip the privilege out of their hands. When the stock market crashes, they cannot blame immigrants or Russia. Though you can count on them trying to do just that.

We’ve been through far worse, especially if we have lived long enough. At least the media discusses some of it because we have a president who is too stupid to hide it behind pretty words. We’ve had a fence along our southern border since Bill Clinton. We’ve had the largest prison population for well over a decade. For all his bluster, so far Trump has not started any new wars yet. Yet. What is happening with the economy would have happened under Hillary. More gradually perhaps but it was going to happen. We could have another president who used nice words, allowing the media to cover up everything they did in some way, just as they have for years.

So stop stressing over current conditions. Yes, we have things to worry about but it’s not all because of one name or one party. Knowledge is power and we must share our knowledge. Real knowledge, not just blame. Blame fixes nothing. We absolutely must do all we can to awaken those around us who are not yet awake. We can’t do that if we are so anxious and petrified that we cannot function effectively. Focus on the real source of problems, not some knee jerk emotional reaction every time you hear certain names. Know who the real enemies are and call them out.

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