No, Trump Does Not Fear Sanders

I have heard a lot of people and seen many articles or videos claiming that Trump fears Sanders more than other Democratic candidates.

If this were true, Trump has a strange way of showing it. On 2/18/2020, Trump tweeted the following, “ The Crooked DNC is working overtime to take the Democrat Nomination away from Bernie, AGAIN! Watch what happens to the Super Delegates in Round Two. A Rigged Convention!”

This is interesting because Trump also mentioned in 2016 how the DNC rigged the primary against Sanders. The only other candidate running that has mentioned this has been Gabbard.

Sanders is still silent about DNC election fraud in 2016, still blaming Russia.

Politically, if you fear your opponent, you don’t tend to basically support their position. Nor do you point out how the opposing party is placing that opponent at a disadvantage. You would do this even less when that is the view of many of that candidate’s supporters. What Trump did with this was the equivalent of elevating support for Sanders while drawing attention to the dishonesty of the DNC in one shot. Kind of ironic that Hillary and the media talked about Trump so much in 2016, long before he got the GOP nomination, which directly elevated Trump. Since then, we learned how intentional that was.

What you should find interesting is that I have not heard or seen Trump tweet or say anything about Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard happens to be the only candidate running who has met with him personally since he was elected. She is also the only candidate who has not made disparaging remarks about Trump’s supporters. If he has mentioned Tulsi and I missed it, post a quote or link in the comments below.

This seems more like fear of Gabbard to me. If you fear an opponent, the best thing you can do is try and make them invisible. You simply don’t mention them at all.

Of course, he has plenty of assistance in that effort. Corporate neoliberal media barely mentions Gabbard or only mentions her negatively. The same is true with the DNC elite. She has been left out of town halls, debates and even polls too many times to count. This is true even as she gets coverage by Fox News and is gaining ever-increasing backing by Libertarian leaders like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Plus she has considerable support by Green Party and Independent voters.

I have been pointing out for some time now that Gabbard would fare far better in debate with trump than Sanders would. I even wrote an article of that title back in early December 2019. That article is here:

Nothing has changed since that writing except for it to become even more true. Now it appears that even Trump realizes it.

There is no certain way of knowing how much of this is theater, how much is manipulation. One thing is certain. If I were Trump, I would reverse the tactics used on me in 2016. I would do all I could to split the Democratic Party, portray them as dishonest and unreliable. I would also do anything I could to elevate the opponent I felt most confident I could win against. I would ignore the opponent I knew was an actual threat. One thing Trump does understand is that people are sheep. They will look at what you tell them to look at. This is exactly what he is doing and it’s working.

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