Nothing but propaganda.

Sorry, many of us have already seen the reports by Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal and Abby Martin.

There is no shortage of food, only specific items being horded or withheld by capitalists who oppose price fixing. Items like medications are in short supply by the murderous sanctions imposed on the country.

There is no brutal crackdown on protests. If there were, where would the image come from that you post? (From 2017, BTW. Right click and search Google for the image and you’ll find out.) Besides, how is Guaido still having his comparatively tiny rallies, which draw a fraction of the pro-Maduro rallies? Yes, Aaron Mate sent actual video back of the Guaido rallies, with no police, no arrests.

The opposition has fired live rounds while authorities fired rubber bullets and tear gas. The opposition has set human beings on fire and set aid trucks on fire by throwing Molotov cocktails.

Venezuela also has the lowest homeless rate in the western hemisphere.

Take your lies somewhere else. Nobody is listening or believing it. Been up for 8 days, got 3 claps. Maybe you’ve found a way to erase comments that illustrate your intended deception. Or maybe you’re just being ignored.

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Issues unite, names divide

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