NOTHING in the Steele Dossier was ever confirmed by any “intelligence” (sic) agency.

“.. their illegal social media campaign..” Oh, you lean the media campaign of such things as memes of Jesus and Satan arm wrestling, Bernie coloring books and puppies? Seriously, dud, you need to look up what was in that social media campaign, run by a private agency. At least 50% of the ads were posted after the election and 25% of them were never seen by the public.

What you are pushing for is nothing but an endorsement of the 17 “investigations” already announced. Those investigations are investigating the Mueller investigation, which investigated the FBI investigation.

Where does this crap end?

Yes, Trump sucks. You want to “resist”? This is not how you do it. You resist by promoting Progressive policies to counter his (and neoliberal) horrid policies which have shred this country apart. Progressive policies which are wildly popular. Ending wars, Medicare For All, increasing wages, federally funded elections which allow us to end PACs, paper trails, eliminating superdelegates completely, ranked choice voting, open primaries, open debates.

If you’re not focusing on policies, then you’re nothing but a neoliberal puppet.

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Issues unite, names divide

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