Nothing was hacked. It was a leak. You have paid no attention to Bill Binney or VIPS reports, have you?

Besides, the DNC is a private organization, not a government agency. Remember they used that as a defense in court when sued for fraud? That was when the DNC said they had no obligation to offer a fair and valid primary (even though the primary is paid for by taxpayers, including Independents who are often barred from voting in the primary they pay for). They said they could choose the nominee in a smoke filled back room if they so choose.

I notice you offer nothing of substance in your response. Only a personal attack. Why is that? When you resort to insults rather than rational replies, you’ve already lost. You are not debating, not trying to convince anyone of anything. It’s the equivalent of throwing plates or having a tantrum.

I can tell you believe the whole Russiagate story. So, let me ask this. What would Russia have to gain from bothering with our election? Be precise in your reply, nothing vague.

This may help.

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Issues unite, names divide

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