OMG what a load of capitalistic self praise for things it has NEVER achieved!

The fact is that class structure exists both with and without capitalism. It is a matter of the societal structure, NOT the economic structure. In fact, if anything capitalism denotes the worst inequalities and atrocities in world history, including the present. The rich oppress the poor, pure and simple. Capitalism was the basis for slavery at one time and currently is the basis for millions lacking medical care or food security. It is the basis for wars for oil and resources, which the warriors pay for with their health and lives in exchange for a pitiful paycheck. The children of those warriors suffer absence of their parents, possibly forever. Or their parents may return damaged.

We only began seeing some semblance of equality when Socialist values began taking hold. Prior to the implementation of a minimum wage (a Socialist idea), wages were low, we had the company store.. Before Medicare only the rich could afford consistent medical care. Guess where we are again?

Affordable goods? Funny, during the most prosperous time in US history, we had price controls on many goods.

Right this minute oil, gas, coal and ethanol are all subsidized. To a lesser degree so are milk and beef. We are bailing out farmers to the tune of billions of dollars this year on top of the billions last year.

Explain to me how paying profits to shareholders, CEO pay, etc are better for the public than direct payment to government funded programs, such as single payer healthcare. Plus insurance agent commissions, advertising… Do you realize that the ACA placed a CAP on insurance company profits of 20%? Meaning even under the ACA, 1/5 of your premiums went to profits alone, which were calculated after all the “costs” listed above. Then the policy holder still had to pay deductibles and copayments to the tune of thousands per year before insurance paid a single penny.

How about insulin? Many forms of insulin have been public property for decades, yet the price of insulin has increased so much that many diabetics cannot afford it, even though their lives depend on it.

Let me give you some root words of primary socioeconomic systems. Communism=community/communal. Socialism= society/social. Capitalism= capital, meaning money/property.

Now, of those three, which one makes no mention of anything human in its name?

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Issues unite, names divide

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