Once again, cult mentality.

For Pete’s sake, you are calling Biden a Progressive?

By Progressive, what we refer to are candidates and a party that oppose war, support universal healthcare and are not slaves to WAR Street.

In none of your writing do you even attempt to name a single POLICY that is backed by the DNC. They are just beginning to come around on legalizing cannabis, after 26 states or more legalized it in ballot measures. Even Trump has been more Progressive on that issue than the DNC and that is a truly disgusting thought.

Tell me, how many times has the DNC publicly discussed universal healthcare?

Our problems in this country did not begin with Trump. They will not end when he is gone simply by the fact he is gone. The DNC talks about “resistance”, then more Republicans voted against the military budget increase than Democrats did. They approved FIFTEEN Conservatives to lifetime federal bench positions just before Labor Day, so they could campaign.

Yes, there are differences of opinions among Conservatives. That means several things. 1- We discuss issues more than names. 2- We continuously battle infiltrators and impostors. We used to call ourselves liberals but that label was coopted by people like Hillary Clinton, who expanded bombing from 2 countries to 7 countries, manipulated the assassination of Qaddafi and laughed about it publicly. She and Obama implemented the “Pivot To Asia”, increasing tensions with China. That was her foreign policy experience. You cannot name a single time she ever tried to negotiate peace or suggest doing so while campaigning.

Yes, Trump sucks but he is a symptom, not the disease. There is no resistance unless it involves commitment to policies which undo the damage which has been done to us by the current CONgress and previously going back to Reagan.

When the DNC is ready to talk actual solutions, they’ll have something to say. Until then, they are doing nothing but trying to divert attention with “But Trump!” and “Russia, Russia, Russia!!” In other words, the exact same tactics that failed in 2016.

Ask the average person on the street what their concerns are and what changes they want to see in our government. Names have little to do with it. Actions mean everything. More and more have awakened to the difference between policies and platitudes and even more awakening daily. The DNC was given the gift of a chance to do something in the midterms. If they blow it, 2020 is coming fast. I suggest they get busy with some policies. Now.

If you oppose purity, you endorse corruption.

Issues unite, names divide

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