Once again, you manage to write a post which skirts mentioning one single issue.

I will repeat myself. “All names are cults. Trump, Bernie, Hillary, RNC, DNC.” I will include Warren, Gabbard and AOC.

When you follow the cult, you support any atrocities conducted in the name of that cult. Russiagate, opposing peace processes involving any and all countries, opposing medical care for all US citizens, opposing increasing wages.

You have not mentioned one single policy of anyone you write about which you support.

Your entire view sounds like a list of talking points handed down directly from the DNC. You are not Wolf Blitzer or Rachel Maddow and you’re not being paid $30,000 a DAY to promote these talking points like they are.

I’ve been conscious of the difference between talking points (platitudes) and POLICIES for many years. Millions more have awakened. The same old tactics are no longer working. Day by day, people demand actual Progressive policies and hard commitment to those policies.

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Issues unite, names divide

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